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Why are Dogs so scared of Firecrackers?

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With the festival of lights, more a festival of noisy firecrackers just around the corner. Let us tell you why our dogs are so scared of firecrackers? Obviously, it is the loud threatening sound that throws them into a tizzy. There are other reasons as well which cause them to hide, tremble, bark incessantly, whine, salivate excessively, seek comfort around you, or poop and pee inside the house. Don’t be surprised if your pet gets destructive and destroys your belongings or furniture as a sign of fearful behavior.

Sometimes, these signs are more subtle like sitting in a corner that they usually don’t, pacing back and forth in anxiety, not sitting in a place. So in case, you notice them behaving even the slightest out of their usual behavior. It is a sign that your dog is stressed.

4 reasons to understand Why?

  • Unpredictable loud sounds trigger their nervous system– A dog’s fight-or-flight response gets kicked in when they hear loud sounds like a boom, crackling, or whistling. Trying to run away from this sound then becomes their natural survival instinct.
  • Acute sense of hearing and smell sesitivity– They see the world through their nose, ears and eyes. Fireworks also produce an odour that dogs may be sensitive to respond. A hunter dog may acclamatize to gun powder, hunting rifles and sound of shooting. But, most dogs are not used to this which causes stress hormone to circulate in their body.
  • Firecracker sounds are unpredictable and pose a threat– Remember as a kid you would get scared of loud sounds and hide behind a parent. Till you grew old enough to understand the mechanics of it. Well, for your dog the firecracker sounds come without warning, at irregular intervals. This makes it very difficult for them to understand where it is coming from.

Firecrackers make the dog feel trapped– With loud threatening rockets or firecracker cherry bombs exploding every second for a span of 3-4 days, the dogs are confined indoors. Their walking routine as well as outdoor time gets disrupted. They want to escape the sounds, unfortunately, you can still hear them indoors.

Now that you know why this is not the best time for our furry friends. Do read our next blog to know the top 10 tips to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks. A little understanding and care from your end can help them cope in these tough times.

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