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The Rescue Dog: The story of a restless dog and her master

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Sadie the Dog loved to play games more than anything in the world. The first thing she did when she woke up in the morning was grab her favourite toy and take it to her sleeping master, who always pushed her away with a tired grumble.

She would beg him to play in the morning, during lunch, before the five o’clock news, after the dishes were done – and nearly any time of day!

Sadie tried to be a good dog. She knew it was her duty to sit quietly on the rug while her master watched TV. She worked hard to fill the time by chewing the edge of the rug, looking out the window or trying to nap.

But still, she wasn’t happy.

Then one day Sadie’s master saw a television program about dogs that performed rescue missions.

According to the program, the best rescue dogs had plenty of energy and loved to play games for hours. These qualities were important because the trainers used games to teach the dogs how to rescue people.

The next day, Sadie’s master signed her up for a training program. Sadie now spends her days playing games and her nights on the rug by her master, tired and happy at last.

MORAL: Doing what you love is the first step on the road to happiness.

We know that living our dreams and following our passions is the surest way to happiness in life. We’ll do anything we can to encourage those we love to follow their passion – our kids, friends, spouse, and sometimes even our animal friends. We understand how important it is to their sense of well-being, and we want them to experience fulfillment. But do we do the same for ourselves? What stops us from following our own passions and living our own dreams?

Sadie had a passion, but she needed a little help, a little direction to turn her love into a viable course for her life. Maybe that’s what you need – a friend or mentor with whom you can sit down and talk about what really excites you and kindles your interest. Just talking it through may help you clarify where your passions lie and map out a way to bring your dream to fruition. Have you identified what really motivates you? What career would make you jump out of bed in the mornings, eager for the day, even if you no longer needed to earn money?

Perhaps you’ve already identified your passion, but neglect to take action on it. Every time you complain about the dead end you’re in doesn’t get you any closer to your dreams. Why don’t you move forward with the things you know will bring you the greatest joy?

  • Is it fear that keeps you in your seat?
  • Does laziness prevent you from making that important phone call?
  • Do doubts paralyze you into inaction?

It’s a sad thing to put off self-fulfilment when you know that just a little pushing, a little planning, and a little action could bring you greater happiness than you’ve ever had before! Discover what you love; then work out a plan today to live your dream!

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