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Tailbuds was founded with a vision to promote and improve ethical breeding practices and Indian breeds in India and the world.

Tailbuds was founded in 2020 with the idea of giving back to the furry animals the unconditional love they bring to our lives. It all started when Shreyash and Revanth, long time friends, were returning home, and they saw a dog and a puppy walking around looking up at them. After feeding and taking care, the duo decided to do something for their betterment. It was then that the pair who were always animal lovers felt the need to start Tailbuds – A community of animal lovers providing healthy nutrition & care.

At Tailbuds, we are on a mission to spread awareness about ethical breeding due to the inhumane breeding practices, cruelty to animals, and ill-treatment in society. We aim to nurture healthy animals that are true to their characteristics. 

We form relationships with our pet parents to provide continued support and create the right environment for both the pet and the parent. We work to bring transparency into the pet industry.

Support our small step in bettering the conditions of the paws you love so much. Raising pets responsibly and ethically is the need of the hour. 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the ethical breeding journey with us!

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